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Working from home could offer summer benefits

Working from home could bring with it a range of benefits that are particularly enjoyable over the summer months.

In an article for HR Magazine, Celia Donne, regional director at workspace solutions provider, Regus, explained that flexible working can be beneficial for people with children during the summer holidays.

She explained that by working closer to home – and looking into changes in hours – could help to rearrange business around the family. Ideas like this could also lower childcare costs. However, people who are able to work from home sometimes could really cut their costs and, if disciplined with work, spend a lot more time with their kids.

The advice comes as a survey by Regus revealed that around 80 per cent of employers are happy to offer staff some flexibility over where and when they work. For example, a working holiday could help those who are weighed down with work to still get away without falling behind

The key to all of these options and to working from home in general is to be very disciplined with what you need to get done. “If you want future opportunities to work flexibly, it is not in your interest to haemorrhage trust,” explained Ms Donne.

She added: “Work the hours you say you will, and at places with reliable internet, Wi-Fi and administrative back-up; and work as effectively as – or better than – usual.”

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