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Working from home boosts productivity

Employees feel restrained by traditional work hours and would become more productive if they could work from home and have greater levels of flexibility

This is according to recent research conducted by ICT company 2e2, which revealed that many people are not happy sitting at a desk between nine and five everyday and believe that they would be more productive if their working patterns were more flexible.

Furthermore, over half of those questioned said that they are more productive when working from home than when they work in the office.

Fortunately, technology is evolving to facilitate this and 73 per cent said that they feel that IT is no longer a barrier to working from home.

Mike Hockey, director of 2e2, commented on the results: “Employers often don’t realise the impact of working culture on productivity. Different people have different working patterns and the traditional 9 to 5 way of working doesn’t suit everyone.”

He added that bosses need to change an organisation's culture to facilitate the desired levels of flexibility: “They need to make it clear that working from home isn’t a perk and that it’s productivity and effectiveness that they care about, not hours behind a desk.”

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