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Technology boosts homeworking

An increasing number of people are working from home thanks to the possibilities provided by modern technology.

In fact, recent research from Jabra has revealed that 83 per cent of the office population today work from home or another location on a regular basis.

The study, entitled GenM: Defining the Workforce of Tomorrow, highlighted the fact that workers today want a bigger say in the communications devices they use because their lifestyle demands a constant level of connectivity and flexibility.

It looked at 1,000 workers from a range of sectors, including sales, marketing and finance. The results revealed that the changing attitudes to work are not limited to one job function, but rather a new attitude that encompasses the majority of this working generation who tend to see multi-tasking as a way of life.

The study found that mobile technology is playing a significant role in making this a reality for many people, with 46 per cent of workers using a smartphone for work, 35 per cent using a laptop and one in ten using VoIP to communicate. And addition 72 per cent regularly take calls and respond to emails outside of office hours, with around 53 per cent choosing to do so.

Andrew Doyle, managing director at Jabra UK, commented: "A new generation of mobile, multi-tasking, office workers is changing the way we work forever. Rather than making GenM fit the old ways of working, organisations need to adapt to give this new generation the tools and support they need to achieve the work life balance they want."

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