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Home workers warned of distractions

People often believe that home workers have it easy; they can set their own hours and work from their bed in pyjamas if they want to.

But there are downsides and distractions when working from home on a regular basis. One of the main issues is simply finding somewhere quiet to work.

While it's nice to be around family all day, many homeworkers note that it is difficult to get children to understand that their parents need peace and quiet to work. One solution to this is to assign a room to work and ensure that children understand that this is not a play space.

Alternatively, some homeworkers find it useful to look for a space outside the home that they can use when they need a change of scene or some distance between themselves and their families.

And it isn't just children that can make things difficult when there's work to be done. Some homeworkers find things difficult if their partner is also at home all day; spending all their time together can be a strain, especially when there are things that need to be done.

Again, the key is to ensure you have dedicated working space and keep to it. Don't spread out all around the house, or work together in the lounge to be friendly, chances are you will just end up bickering over space and your productivity will be affected. Working from home around with a partner and a family is certainly possible and offers many benefits, just be sure to be disciplined about it.

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