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Don't hide your home based business origins, says expert

Some of those working from home fear that home-based businesses may be viewed negatively by those in the corporate world, but this does not have to be the case, says an expert.

You should 'not hide the fact that you run your business from home, but you should make your working environment professional,' says Dr Jane Shelton, author of 'No Workplace Like Home.'

'The messy spare room won't do,” says Shelton, who warns that prospective clients who visit your home office will be evaluating whether to do business with you and seeing chaos will only convince them to look elsewhere.

“You’ve probably put a lot of thought into your branding, business name and website design so don't ruin it with a messy home-based office,” says Shelton.

“Not that I’d recommend hiding your home-based business origins. The more enlightened city office worker has often heard that running a home-based business is alive and well outside of the CBD,” she adds.

“If you are going to invite clients to your house have a dedicated professional space with a meeting room type feel. Clean up the areas of the house your clients will walk through and use.”

Shelton also advises considering other options if you are not certain about bringing clients home. A well located coffee shop that is not too noisy is one option, or you could hire a serviced office meeting room for occasional use.

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