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The demise of 9 to 5 working in Britain

New research has revealed that the 9 to 5 working day is no more. A typical employee in Britain is now at work by 8.28am and does not leave until at least 5.29pm, and lunchtime is a mere 33 minutes, on average.

These extended working hours mean that the average employee in the UK works five hours per week more than their contract requires, which will total a staggering 33 extra days of work per year or four extra years of work over a working career.

Half of the 4000 people who were involved in the survey said that they would not be able to get their work done if they only worked their contracted hours, and a quarter admitted that they stay at work later in the hope of a promotion or salary increase.

One third of workers questioned say that they are usually at their desk before 8am, and with an average 21 mile round trip commute every day, most workers spend at least an hour getting to and from work.

Some thirty per cent of respondents said that they prioritise work over eating, and most office workers questioned make only three meals from scratch each week.

Small wonder then, that there is a growing trend for people to work from home. Not only does this offer greater flexibility in terms of office hours, but it cuts down on lengthy commutes and can increase quality of life.

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