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Dividing lines key for couples working at home

Individual space, time apart and strict boundaries are key for couples who find they are both working from home, a leading clinical psychologist has said.

Judy Kuriansky, author of "The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship", said the rise in the number of couples working out of their houses has led to a redefining of what is considered in relationships.

"There are practical and psychological issues to be resolved when couples work together," she said.

Solutions to these include making sure each matter is discussed properly.

"Discuss the practical and emotional issues that come up from working in such close quarters. Set aside a couple of hours a week at a set time for such discussions, or consult with a professional or outside party," she said.

She also recommends spending some time apart with each partner going to the gym, to the market or for a walk. She added, "also, find a place outside the home where you can work when necessary; many libraries, schools and cafes offer wireless Internet service."

Bruce Weinstein and his partner, Mark Scarbrough, write food books from their Connecticut home. They agreed with Kuriansky in that definite boundaries are crucial.

"It is important to find a space that is your own," said Scarborough, "But you need to keep in mind that it is still part of the home that belongs to you both."

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