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More people look to work from home to avoid commute

There is a growing demand for domestic properties with suitable space to work in as more disgruntled workers look to work from home in order to avoid the frustration of commuting, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Specifically, the findings from the ONS’s most recent attempt to measure national well-being reveal that the thing that workers dislike most is commuting to the office. Train journey times of 60 to 90 minutes were a cause of grief for many of the people surveyed while bus journeys were said to be even more painstaking.

The results have come from the ONS’s ‘Commuting and Personal Well-being, 2014’ report that was published last month. It points out that the disgruntled life of commuters has been exacerbated by the ongoing problems caused by 2014’s heavy rains as floods, landslips, storms and fallen trees, which continuously disrupted roads and transport services.

This is the major factor behind a rise in the number of people exploring the possibility of working from – evidenced by the fact that house searchers are focusing on reliable Internet connections and additional space for work areas.

Figures show that there are somewhere in the region of four million people in Britain working from home, 10 per cent of the country’s total workforce. This number has been increasing as the consumerisation of technology has delivered faster and more reliable services to people’s homes, allowing them to perform business tasks without having to leave their sofa.

Now, the ONS has suggested, this figure looks set to rise further as sections of the workforce look to escape the laborious task of just getting to the office itself.

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