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Homeworkers celebrate Working Naked Day

Homeworkers have recently celebrated the second annual Working Naked Day.

The day, organised by, aims to highlight the freedom that homeworkers have to set their own hours and work flexibly. Each year homeworkers are encouraged to work however they want – whether it’s in their pyjamas or nothing but their birthday suit. Home-based staff are encouraged to embrace the fact that they don’t need to take a holiday or ask for permission to work in this way.

To celebrate Working Naked Day, people were encouraged to talk online with office-based friends and use social media to brag about the benefits and comforts of working from home.

They were also encouraged to make the most of the flexibility of their job by working in a park or coffee shop, or by taking part of the day off to do something they wouldn’t be able to do if they were in an office job.

Those who don’t yet work from home were urged to ask their boss to let them do so by selling them the benefits, such as cost-savings for the company. Others were encouraged to go even further and make the leap to starting their own home-based business.

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