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Canada celebrates Work From Home Day

Canada is today celebrating National Work From Home Day.

The day has been organised by online recruitment firm Workopolis with the aim of promoting more flexible working, which is obviously gaining popularity, as over 75,000 Canadians have 'liked' the idea on Facebook.

Workopolis is campaigning to have National Work From Home Day become an official annual event, with legislation attached to it. It is also calling for more companies to allow employees to work at home some or all of them time where their job allows it.

Andrea Garson, vice-president of human resources at Workopolis, told Metro Canada, “From a worker’s perspective, there’s obviously a greater flexibility in things like choosing your work hours and working on your own terms.”

She added, “There’s a reduction of stress and the ability to care for others if they have a disabled family member.”

The Canadian Mental Health Association has supported calls for an annual National Work From Home Day, arguing that such an initiative would have significant mental health benefits for many.

Garson also highlighted the benefits for businesses that allowing staff to work at home can bring, such as reduced office overheads, more contented staff and improved productivity. She added that being able to work from home is increasingly important for jobseekers and something that businesses will need to consider if they want to attract the best candidates.

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