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Work from home for a better lifestyle balance

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Welcome to the leading UK resource for people who currently work from home or are considering it and want a better balance in their work / home life.

Of course, people have been able to work from their home office for many years, but only very recently has it become much more popular. Many employers now actively encourage some of their employees to work remotely.

The swift advances in technology and telecommunications have made it all possible. Almost every service job can now be done from the home office.

We've been busy compiling a huge amount of resources for people already running their work affairs from the comfort of their own house.  There's still much to add, but even now there is a lot of useful information here that can help ease you into your new home office or to transform your home working environment into a happy, ergonomic and productive space.  

We are adding articles and breaking news daily. Check out our new finance section, read about colour schemes for your home office or browse some home jobs. 

Being in charge of your daily routine with no-one to breathe down your neck is obviously a huge advantage. So is the flexibility to structure your own working day. But there are important caveats to consider when deciding whether or not to work at home.

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So just how productive are remote workers compared to those who work from the office? Stanford University has just released its 2012 study - read the productivity research summary results here

If you're thinking about setting out on your own, and stuck for ideas, we've put a quick list together here.

Do you have a fantastic home office set-up? Send us in a photo and we'll feature it in an upcoming special section showcasing home offices. 


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