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Home office

home office

It is important to spend time on planning your home office, as you’ll no doubt be spending many hours a day in it. The design of your home office is arguably one of the most important factors in the success of your home business or career.

In the following sections, we'll look at some of the considerations when designing your home office, from colour schemes to furniture.

We'll also look at the computer gear you'll need, and the telecommunications and internet services that are vital to keep you connected to the outside world.

designing a home office

Home office design

The design of your home office is hugely important when setting up to work from home. We'll look at decorating ideas, colour schemes, furniture and positioning options to make your home office the most comfortable and useful it can be, and above all, suited to your own individual requirements.

Decorating a home office

Decorating a home office to suit your style and work habits is so important. Home office decoration should be done professionally and with comfort in mind.

Home office colour schemes

Whilst the equipment and furniture in your home workspace are very important, your home office colour scheme is just as important because it can have such an impact on your mood and productivity.

Home office furniture

You'll work much better with home office furniture that looks good and does its job well in terms of functionality and comfort. Working from home should be a pleasure!

Home office lighting

Home office lighting is an important consideration when you work from home. There is no reason not have well-designed and functional lighting to suit your home office layout.

Eco-friendly home office

Working from home is a more eco-friendly option than a commuting job because there's often so little travelling involved. You also have the control over what fittings and consumables to buy.


Working from home was simply a pipe dream for previous generations, but as technology progresses, it’s becoming a reality for many.


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