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Technology makes working from home a reality

work from home technology

Working from home was simply a pipe dream for previous generations, but as technology has become more advanced, it’s now becoming a reality for many.

However, in order to make a success of your new, independent working life, it’s important that you invest in the right kind of kit before you start out. Any technology gear you invest in needs to be simple to use and reliable as you’re unlikely to have an IT team on hand to help if it all starts to go wrong!

Getting the right technology set up will leave you with an easier working life.

Technology in the form of email, mobile internet, free internet phone calls (VOIP) and web-based systems make almost any desk-based job possible from workers’ homes. Some people are lucky enough to have employers who are happy for staff to work from home regularly, but others who are keen on the idea simply start working for themselves as a self-employed person.

Before the advent of the internet, email and mobile devices, working from home, especially when part of team, was all but impossible. But now, with these low-cost, high-speed communications options, it’s easy to stay connected with all your colleagues and clients.

What kit do you need to get started working from a home office?

Internet connection

A fast, efficient web connection will enable you to stay connected to the internet, using online systems set up by your employer, or simply providing essential access to email.


Choosing the right computer for your home office set up will help to make your business as efficient as possible.

Multi-functional office equipment

Getting yourself a good quality combined printer, scanner and copying machine will save you time and money in the long run.


Investing in a high-end monitor, even if you are running a laptop, will result in much higher productivity.


Deciding on the right telecommunications system you use in your home office is very important. There are a number of solutions that can make working from home even more flexible.

Mobile devices

Smartphones are an essential tool for staying in touch with the office while working from home.

Diary software

Electronic diary software is must for anyone thinking of going solo and working from home.


It is a home-worker’s worst nightmare to find that his/her PC has a fault and all their work is lost.

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