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Home Office Colour Schemes

home office colour scheme

Whilst the equipment and furniture in your home workspace are very important, your home office colour scheme is just as important because it can have such an impact on your mood and productivity.

When it comes to home office colour schemes, you’ll need to think about colours that you like. You’ll probably be spending a lot of time working, so you don’t want your home office colour scheme to annoy you, especially on days when you have a work problem to solve or you’re feeling uninspired.

However, your personal preferences are not all that needs to be taken into account. The effect that they have on you is important too.  For example, you may like the colour red but it is a somewhat 'aggressive' colour, so consider whether it could make you feel over-stimulated when you’re trying to concentrate on work. Similarly, grey can be a pretty colour for home décor, but you need to make sure that it won’t make you feel bored and lacklustre when you’re at work.

Vibrant colours will probably be the most motivating as long as they’re not overpowering. Don’t forget too that you could just have a ‘pop’ of colour on one wall and keep the rest of the office colour scheme neutral.

Getting ideas for your home office colour scheme

If you need inspiration, take a wander around homewares shops and look at the example rooms they have created and the colours and textures that they have put together, as well as the way they use the space available. There are lots of home decoration magazines and TV shows too which will give you inspiration.

Bring some paint/wallpaper samples home to see how they look with the lighting and space in your home office. They may look totally different to the way they do in the shop or the way you expect them to, so be experimental.

If you live in rented accommodation and can’t re-decorate, you may feel limited when it comes to home office colour schemes. However, you can still work around the room as it is. Pick out accents if the room is already decorated and focus on this for your accessories and equipment. These can really pull a colour scheme together. If the décor is already quite neutral you can afford to experiment more with prints and different colours to give the office the look and colour scheme you want.

You can easily add splashes of colour and personality to your home office with things such as blinds/curtains, rugs, throws, accessories, pictures, photos and more.

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