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Work from home interviews

Are you considering working from home but you're not sure its right for you? Well keep an open mind and do some thorough research before you make your mind up one way or the other. There is a huge variety of jobs that you can do from your home office and the people who are working in these jobs come from all walks of life.

This range of options means that with a bit of time and effort you will be able to find a job working from home that suits your personality and individual requirements. Thinking carefully about what is important to you and why you want to work from home will help narrow your job search.

You might also find it useful to have a look through some of our interviews. Read on to learn more about what its like working from home in different professions.

The journalist

We had a chat with Suzanne Dixon, a freelance journalist. Click here to read how she gets on in what she describes as “the ideal job to do from home”.



The youth pastor

Hannah Himsworth works from home on a part-time basis. Click here to learn more about how this works in her role as a youth pastor.



The business developer

David Staunton works from home and travels as part of his job as a business developer with a manufacturing company. Click here to see how he keeps the balance between his work and home life.

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