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A third of homeworkers are worried about getting fat

A third of professionals in the UK who work from home are worried that it is having an adverse affect on their weight, new research has revealed.

Remote working is on the rise in Britain, with 45 per cent of employees now spending at least some of the working week doing jobs from home, according to research from Regus. However, of these homeworkers, 32 per cent have said that the temptation to snack more or not get up and leave the house on days when they are working from home means they fear getting fat.

Based on the views of 4,000 professionals, the Regus survey highlighted the need to remain focused and disciplined while working away from the office. In particular, when you have a well-stocked kitchen in your home, it can prove difficult to avoid the temptation of raiding the fridge more – something that is not typically an option when working from an office.

Richard Morris, UK CEO at Regus, commented: "Working from home makes it easy to reach for a doughnut whilst still in your pyjamas. This look is not so popular in a workspace surrounded by professional peers."

Homeworkers should ensure they stick to a healthy diet and regular meals when they are not in the office. They can also use the extra time that they are not spending on their commute to exercise, which can provide a boost to their productivity.

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