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Home working tips and resources

Top Tips

Our top tips for working from home

Finding work

It's not always easy to find work from home, but the rewards usually make the effort worthwhile. Our aim is to make finding work from home a little simpler.

Finding clients

Some tips on finding your first clients.

Alternative sources of work

You can set up a business of your own that enables you to work from home and choose you hours – you simply need to be creative and do some more homework before embarking on your project.

Work from home interviews

Interviews and discussion with real home workers.

Deals and offers

Deals and offers for people working from home.


There are people out there keen to take what's yours. Follow our tips on how to recognise and avoid common work from home scams to increase your chances of staying safe.

Dealing with the Olympics

How working from home can help keep businesses running smoothly during the Olympics


Distractions affect everyone who works from home. Follow these tips to keep your productivity levels up.


How productive are people when they work from home? Read the summary of latest working from home productivity study.


Tips and advice to help you put the case to your boss for working from home.


If you're a self-employed homeworker, it will pay to keep on top of your finances. Read our guides to taxes and record keeping here.

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