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What is the best paid work from home job?

The best paid jobs available to people working from home have been revealed by new research.

The salary and careers site, PayScale, joined with telecommuting job listings site FlexJobs to compile a list of the top 10 highest paying work from home jobs. They compared data on real-time FlexJobs listings with PayScale approximate top paid similar flexible positions.

The survey found that high paid roles including top senior executives were regularly flexible, in positions at companies deemed to be small-to-medium-sized (SME), holding less than 1,000 members of staff. These firms make up 99 per cent of the total organisations present.

The top 10 highest paid flexible job positions, as according to research into SME companies, are as follows.

1. Medical director – £132,000

2. Chief executive officer (CEO) – £120,000

3. Vice president of marketing – £99,000

4. Chief operations officer (COO) – £92,000

5. Regional vice president – £90,000

6. Chief financial officer (CFO) – £84,000

7. Government affairs director – £68,000

8. Director of business operations – £66,000

9. Senior business analyst – £55,000

10. Director of education – £41,000

CEO of FlexJobs Sara Sutton Fell said that these figures dispel the “common misconception that work-from-home jobs pay nowhere near traditional jobs”. The study found that pay in both at-home and office-based roles were not dissimilar.

Ms Sutton Fell added that recent changes allow for candidates to apply for positions in a wider local area than they would usually be able to. This opens them up to the added potential for higher wages and greater benefits.

PayScale’s director of analytics, Katie Bardaro, claimed that advances in technology has meant that companies are working and communicating with both staff and customers more regularly via email and video conference, for example. She added that this in turn means: “Telecommuting almost becomes standard in many higher-level positions.”

While the previous held benefits of working from home were well known – less commuting, more time to spend with family, environmental benefits, and a better work-to-life balance – this research shows that it is now the case that employees are not missing out on high wages when taking flexible work.

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